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Mitsubishi Imaging, Inc. has added the CRON–ECRM UV Model G Series of digital plate-makers to its family of CTP products.  The Cron-ECRM is a versatile metal CTP system, capable of imaging resolutions up to 3600dpi.  The optical carriage, with integrated optics and lasers, a v-shaped guide rail and linear magnetic drive, ensures friction free movement. The dual balanced drum enables high-speed vibrationless performance. Automatic temperature and focus compensation and optical correction guarantee exceptional image quality and help to reduce power. 

Cron-ECRM's 3-point loading system and sensor positioning allow for smooth and efficient plate loading for a range of plate sizes. The digital control panel handles everything from plate loading to imaging, punching to processing.  The system is compatible with most pre-press workflow packages. 

Designed to grow as your business does, the Cron-ECRM is configurable with mix and match components that allow you to run manual to fully-automated.  With a choice of liquid-cooled diodes configurations ranging from 16 – 96 channels, speeds of up to 75 plates an hour are possible.  Compact, with add-on components that can be arranged in a variety of configurations, the CRON –ECRM is good choice for small or unique spaces.

Cron-ECRM is a low maintenance, affordable, metal CTP solution for the offset mid-size print market. This feature-rich fully integrated CTP system is the perfect choice for Commercial and Newspaper applications.


  • Accurate high-quality imaging and performance
  • Flexible configurations for varied business needs
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Environmentally friendly


  • 2 to 8 up format
  • Resolution 1200-3600dpi
  • Speeds from 14-75 plates per hour
  • 16-96 laser channels
  • Registration accuracy .01mm
  • Stochastic screening to 10 μm

For more information, call Mitsubishi at 914-325-3207 x13268.


CRON UVP-36 is the best-selling multi-function series targeted for the mid-size printing segment. This new generation of CTP is packed with features like high laser power components, stable quality, ease of use, high productivity, top quality plate making, wide range of plate formats and cost saving consumables.

Blackwood metal printing plates provides another dimension to our portfolio of CTP solutions.

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