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Diamond Jet — Matte

Diamond Jet Matte papers are high resolution, bright white, coated bond papers designed for quality output at an affordable price. Matte papers are ideal for everyday printing from simple monochrome documents to bright photographic output.

Heavyweight (NMB)

Diamond Jet Matte Heavyweight is a 31 lb bright white (99.6%) high resolution coated bond perfectly suited to almost any print job where economy and quality are paramount. This paper is the premium color alternative to plain copier bond and will add perceived value to any application. Matte Heavyweight is compatible with all desktop inkjet printers for light to moderate ink laydowns.

Dual Sided Matte (KSM)

Diamond Jet Dual Sided Matte is a 44 lb award-winning (DIMA) two sided paper created for printing on both sides. This superior high resolution solution is the perfect partner to Dual Sided Semi gloss where a non-gloss printing surface is specified. Perfect for brochures, photographic images and graphic design applications. Compatible with all desktop inkjet printers. Available in all popular desktop sizes.


42 lb Diamond Jet Matte – high resolution coated bond. Features bright whites, ideal for high resolution applications. Compatible with all desktop inkjet printers.