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Diamond Jet — Proofing Papers

Photomatte (IJMM)

Diamond Jet Photomatte is a traditional 10 mil, 255 gsm semi gloss resin coated paper. Designed for the highest quality continuous-tone color printing applications. Ideal for contract proof applications. Compatible with all desktop inkjet printers. Available in roll and cut-sheet stock.

Photograde Satin UM120

Diamond Jet UM120 Satin is our medium weight, microporous, and resin coated photograde paper featuring the look and feel of traditional photographic prints. Instant dry, 170 gsm, 7 mil weight, and water-resistant. Available in popular roll sizes.

GC5 Semi-gloss Proofing Paper

GC5 Semi-gloss Proofing Paper is an economical 40 lb, 6.5 mil proofing paper with a brightness rating of 95. Its semi-gloss surface finish is similar to popular offset printing papers. It dries instantly and shows minimal color drift after printing. Compatible with both dye-based and pigmented inks, except UltraChrome inks. Weight 145 g/m2; thickness 6.5 mil paper.

USG185 Commercial Proofing Paper

USG185 Commercial Proofing Paper features a shade and texture matched to glossy commercial printing stock. It dries instantly and is water-resistant. Compatible with all inkjet printers.

Matte Proofing Paper (NMB)

Matte Proofing Paper is a bright white (99.6), quick drying imposition proofing solution. Sheets have a 31 lb weight and rolls have a 42 lb weight. Compatible with all inkjet printers.

Dual Sided Semi-gloss (GC2)

Artist Dual Sided Semi-gloss paper is a 48 lb, 9 mil dual-sided paper emulating fine offsetting printing stock. Artist Dual Sided Semi-gloss is the ultimate graphic companion ideally suited for all high quality design and proofing needs. Engineered for high resolution printing with instant drying, this paper keeps the ink where it belongs – on the paper and not all over your fingers.