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Grace Drylab Photo Paper

New drylab media designed for chemical-free inkjet technology

Mitsubishi now offers the widest variety of inkjet media for use with any inkjet minilab photo printer on the market today. From professional photos to everyday snapshots, Grace Drylab photo papers offer a variety of paper types for any application. Grace Drylab paper portfolio includes several media types specifically designed for use in the latest inkjet drylab photo printing equipment to ultimately produce incredibly brilliant output with vivid color and exceptional image clarity. In addition, Mitsubishi offers Grace Pearlescent metallic paper — the first metallic-type inkjet paper designed for use in an inkjet minilab photo printer.

Dual sided Drylab Photo paper

Grace Dual sided Drylab Paper offers the same great drylab surface with dual sided functionality. It is currently available in a gorgeous luster surface finish.

Pearlescent Drylab Photo Paper

Grace Pearlescent features a unique metallic surface finish similar to silver halide metallic photo papers. Grace Pearlescent offers exceptional image clarity and brilliant color reproduction.

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