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Direct to Plate Processing Chemistry


SilverMaster® Activator and Stabilizer

SilverMaster® SLM-AC Activator and SLM-ST Stabilizer are solutions specifically formulated to make SilverMaster® and Silver DigiPlate™ plates perform at their best. Both solutions are available in a variety of pack sizes and come concentrated or ready-to use.

SLM-AC Activator

SLM- AC’s job is photographic development. SLM-AC takes areas on the plate hit by light and turns them black, causing those areas to become a non-image and water-loving part of the plate. It also takes those areas not hit by light and causes them to form metallic silver on the plate surface. These areas become ink-loving. SLM-AC active ingredients are formulated to last, so your prepress staff can spend less time changing chemistry and more time making plates.

SLM-ST Stabilizer

SLM-ST stabilizer solution prepares the plate for the press by lowering the plate’s pH to a level that’s just right for offset printing. SLM-ST Stabilizer is formulated to be used with SLM-AC Activator and SilverMaster® or Silver DigiPlate™ material, adding extra precision to the process. SLM-ST also adds extra durability to your plates to prolong their useful life.

Knowing when to replenish your activator and stabilizer is the key to producing consistent plates. Both SLM-AC and SLM-ST turn that art into a science. Your prepress technician need only check the pH of the solutions to measure their strength. The result – you control the quality and get the most from every drop of solution.

SDP-Eco Activator & Stabilizer

Do more with less
Cut costs with less impact on the environment with SDP-EACII Eco Activator and SDP-ESTII Eco Stabilizer, only from Mitsubishi Imaging. Designed exclusively for use in our SDP-Eco1630 series of platesetters, these industry-leading solutions get the job done with up to two-thirds less chemistry than conventional formulations. That saves you both materials and labor costs, while improving the ecology of your production stream.

We replaced the traditional processing tanks in our SDP-Eco1630 platesetters with our patented Eco coating technology. It coats the plate with just enough EACII and ESTII to develop the plate. That reduces the amount of processing solution used to the absolute minimum. EACII and ESTII are the only formulas that let you take advantage of the resulting benefits, because they are the only solutions recommended for use in our SDP-Eco1630 series platesetters.

The patented Eco technology eliminates the need to replenish for oxidation and guarantees fresh solutions are used to process each plate. This greatly reduces your waste, minimizing disposal. That means you and your prepress crews can focus less on chemistry solution maintenance and more on productivity when you use SDP-Eco Activator and SDP-Eco Stabilizer.

Plate processing is the crucial link between prepress and your pressroom. Make it a productive one by using SDP-Eco Activator and SDP-Eco Stabilizer.

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Mitsubishi Press Room Chemistry

Chemistry for SLM, SDP and TDP plates on press.

SLM Press Room Solutions

The true test of plates is their performance in the pressroom. That’s why the Silver DigiPlate™ and SilverMaster® Systems provide you with perfectly matched Fountain Solutions and Fountain Additives. They deliver unparalleled results in the pressroom, saving you time and money throughout the production process.
  • SLM Fountain Solutions
  • SLM Fountain Additives
  • SLM Deletion Pens


Fountain solutions work at the point of production, making the offset process possible. Silver DigiPlate™ and SilverMaster® SLM-OD and SLM-OD50 fountain solutions are formulated to be fully attuned with the performance characteristics of Silver DigiPlate and SilverMaster® plates. Your advantages start with faster make-readies. SLM-OD and SLM-OD50 make a productive ink/water balance easier to achieve, and the on-press consistency provided helps you produce a higher quality finished product. Choose one to complement the performance of your SDP or SLM plates.

SLM-OD Fountain Solution

SLM-OD is formulated for use with conventional dampening systems. The solution is diluted 1 to 15 with tap water, making it an economical choice. Normal conductivity range is 900-1500, providing your press operators with a wide sweet spot for success.

SLM-OD50 Fountain Solution

SLM-OD50 is designed for continuous dampening systems and large web presses. It is a highly concentrated formulation with a 1 to 50 dilution with tap water. Normal conductivity range is 100 to 300.


Making your pressroom more productive can be a case of simple addition. Just add SLM-OA1 or SLM-OA2 to your fountain solution and be prepared for superior print production.

Both SLM-OA1 and SLM-OA2 fountain additives were formulated to optimize the performance of your dampening solution and to help you make the most of your Silver DigiPlate™ and SilverMaster® plates. With these additives, your press operators achieve the proper ink/water balance faster and can keep the proper ratio consistent throughout the printing process.

SLM-OA1 Fountain Solution Additives

SLM-OA1 is an alcohol substitute. That helps both your business and the environment by making your pressroom more user-friendly and more ecologically sound. When added to your fountain solutions, SLM-OA1 helps the ink and water to blend more completely, up and down the ink train. SLM-OA1 is recommended for use on presses with continuous dampening systems. Just adding 1/2 oz. to 1 oz. per gallon of dampening solution makes the difference.

SLM-OA2 Fountain Solution Additives

SLM-OA2 is a much milder wetting agent than SLM-OA1. It helps to attract and keep more water on the plate surface, without affecting dampening solution conductivity. A versatile performer, SLM-OA2 works well in presses with conventional dampening systems, continuous dampening systems and integrated dampening systems. It is also compatible with fountain solutions that contain alcohol or alcohol substitutes. Mix 1/2 oz. to 2 oz per gallon to improve your production process.


A little smudge, a minor typo, or a speck of dust on your polyester plates won’t slow your production when you equip your prepress and press crews with SLM-OEIII Deletion Pens.

Designed to work specifically on Silver DigiPlate™ and SilverMaster® plates, SLM-OEIII Deletion Pens make last-minute corrections a simple procedure. The job literally is completed with the stroke of a pen. Corrections you make with our Deletion Pen dry instantly, so your plates are ready to go to press immediately. And with no chemical odor or special ventilation requirements, they are friendlier to your production environment.

The correcting fluid that powers Mitsubishi Imaging Deletion Pens contains a colorant that causes corrected areas to turn black or black/blue. And SLM-OEIII corrections last over time — for as long as a week after the correction has been applied.

SLM-OEIII Deletion Pens can even be used in the pressroom. If a correction is required on-press, all you need to do is clean the ink from the location in question and use the pen to make the correction. There’s no need to redo plates when you have SLM-OEIII Deletion Pens on hand.

Press Room Solutions for Use with Thermal DigiPlate

TDP-DL2 Fountain Solution

TDP-DL2 Fountain Solution for use with TDP-R175 plate material. TDP-R175 is compatible with Mitsubishi SLM-OD Fountain Solution and SLM-OA2 Fountain Additive and these are an excellent choice for printers using TDP-R175 plates with dampening systems using molleton rollers. TDP-DL2 is specifically designed to help maintain proper ink/water balance and provide excellent printability when printing with TDP-R175 on small offset presses with continuous dampening systems such as Crestline.

TDP-HL Etching Solution

TDP-HL is a starter solution (etching solution) which enhances the ink receptivity and the hydrophilic performance of the Thermal DigiPlate material (TDP-R175). By etching the plate surface before printing is started, TDP-HL provides high ink density and quick ink roll-up, reducing paper waste.

TDP-DA1 Fountain Solution Additive

TDP‐DA1 Fountain Solution Additive enhances the hydrophilic performance of SLM‐OD and TDP‐DL2 fountain solutions. In doing so, this additive helps prevent ink toning on the leading edge of the TDP-R175 plate and provides excellent printability for the Thermal DigiPlate™ material. TDP‐DA1 Fountain Solution Additive can be used with both types of fountain solutions offered by Mitsubishi for presses running TDP‐R175 plates. The correct fountain solution to use will depend on the type of press dampening system being used as well as on the press conditions.

TDP-ER Deletion Pens

TDP‐ER Deletion Pens are correction pens for use before or during printing of the Thermal DigiPlate™ media (TDP‐R175) so your press operator can make corrections such as deleting text or images.

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