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Violet DigiPlater VDP-CF3070

The Violet Digiplater VDP-CF3070 sets a new standard for offset printing in the small to medium-sized print market. This unique system even allows you to expose in the 4-page XL format.

The fully-automatic Violet Digiplater VDP-CF3070 outputs 20 plates per hour at a resolution of 2,540 dpi. Plates are punched, exposed, washed-off, dried and cut to format, thus ready for immediate printing.

With 2 roll magazines and the integrated register punch, the Violet Digiplater offers ideal operating conditions where two plate formats can be out-put automatically without any loss in material or time.

This innovative, compact and fully-automatic CTP platesetter is characterized by its environmental friend-liness and extremely low energy consumption and a minimal CO2 footprint.

You can also visit our VIDEO Library to see our sales representatives demonstrate the Violet DigiPlate CTP system.

(In English)
Violet DigiPlate with Don – Mitsu12
Violet DigiPlate with Geoff – Mitsu13

(In Spanish)
Violet DigiPlate with Cesar – Mitsu07