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Does your RIP have problems handling new file formats?

Upgrade your current RIP to v8.3

RIPMate RIP v8.3 is an ideal workflow solution for a wide variety of commercial printing and publishing applications. This powerful RIP supports your working environment with key capabilities such as performance, reliability, flexibility, excellent color quality, dependability and a rich feature-set to meet your busy prepress department’s needs.

RIPMate v8.3 handles XPS, PDF & PostScript natively, without first converting to another format, resulting in faster, more accurate throughput. With RIPMate v8.3, you will save time and money by automating tasks and increasing consistency and productivity.

RIPMate is installed on most DPX CTP systems in the field and upgrades from older RIPMate versions are available , as are additional options such as TrapPro, Epson and Canon Proofer plug-ins, CIPMate, ProofMate, ScreenMate and Raster PDF Plug-in.

Contact your authorized Mitsubishi Imaging dealer for details on how to upgrade to RIPMate v8.3, call us at 1(800)765-9384 x13207, or submit your question below for more information.

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