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Mitsubishi's Production Inkjet Printing Media

The evolution of high-speed inkjet technology is ongoing. With each innovation the demand for papers that can match the growth in technology becomes increasing more important. Mitsubishi is committed to meeting these demands and continues to engineer papers that print fast, dry fast and can proceed directly to in-line finishing. Our production inkjet printing media is known for the quality and consistency essential to maximizing today's most advanced printing systems.

Mitsubishi's breakthrough Ink Receiving Layer has raised the bar in the marketplace for production inkjet papers. Our revolutionary coating traps ink on the surface before it can penetrate the fibers in the paper. This eliminates dot-grain, produces sharper clearer images and lines with quicker dry times allowing printers to run at maximum speed with greater efficiencies.

In addition to innovations within our papers, the breadth of our product offering is suited to a number of printing applications. We offer coated and treated stocks in high-gloss, gloss, satin or matte in weights ranging from 63 gsm to 249 gsm. So whether you are printing variable data driven direct mail pieces, personalized transactional transpromotional material, customized or short run book reprints or various other commercial print applications, we have a paper for you!

Direct Mail

To be successful, direct mail has to make an impact, stand out among countless competitors, capture the imagination of the receiver and motivate them to act. To be effective, corporate identity needs to be clear and requires precise color duplication and accurate logo reproduction. Vivid promotional images, strong color saturation and high whiteness are what capture attention. Mitsubishi SWORD iJET and JETSCRIPT inkjet papers answer on all levels.

Our paper's exceptional smoothness also improves efficiencies with folders and inserters, and our superior ink receiving layer prevents ink from offsetting from the paper to the equipment. Given USPS exacting regulations, mailing compliance is guaranteed using Mitsubishi's 7 pt. and 9 pt products. Whether you choose a coated gloss or matte finish, top quality is assured. Our broad selection in varying paper weights can accommodate all your customers' demands.

Transactional & Promotional

Leaders in the transactional and transpromotional marketplace are fiercely competitive. They demand vibrant color, precise logo reproduction and sharpness and clarity in all their printing applications. Today's production inkjet printing systems are designed to maintain these standards but can only do so when coupled with high-quality inkjet coated papers that meet their specifications.

Mitsubishi Paper Mills has designed a range of inkjet coated papers specifically for transactional and transpromotional customers. Our papers have a special coating engineered to receive and control each ink dot. This ensures the paper successfully accommodates the full color gamut and reproduces hue, saturation and clarity of detail precisely. Choosing the right media to produce high-quality results consistently helps transactional and transpromotional customers maintain their competitive advantage.

Book Printing

Broad changes in printing make it harder for book publishers to forecast printed book sales. Fortunately, new technologies have advanced variable data flexibility to the point where cost-effectively printing a single individual book is now possible.

By adding or deleting color, images and text in shorter runs, you can leverage the advantages of instant customization to tap new markets, slash the cost of unsold inventory and minimize the expense of warehousing. Service providers can now explore developing high-growth markets including ordering backlist titles online and self-publishing.

Mitsubishi offers a range of papers engineered to bring high-quality color to printing on demand. Bonding agents or surface coatings and not required on press and inks dries instantly allowing presses to operate at their highest speed and produce an image quality comparable to offset printing.

Commercial Printing

The commercial printing market requires the highest quality stock compatible with today's high-speed inkjet presses. Mitsubishi's coated media utilizes an advanced ink-receptive coating to control critical factors including gloss, smoothness, whiteness, stability, and ink absorption.

Our media produces image quality comparable to offset printing. It dries instantly, allowing the press to operate at maximum speed without sacrificing true color reproduction or high-line sharpness. Subsequently, project lead times are greatly reduced as they can proceed directly to in-line finishing equipment without delay. While the media is currently available in gloss, satin, and matte finishes—similar to common offset sheets—it was specifically designed to produce unsurpassed image quality for the most demanding commercial print applications.