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PREMIER IJ Book is a lightweight coated inkjet paper that raises the bar for high-volume book printing. With a brighter, whiter and more opaque sheet, Premier IJ Book (43# text) offers a valuable yield savings, exceeds the 800 PPI requirement and allows for easier production with lower drying temperatures.

Features and Benefits

  • Higher Whiteness (No Bleaching)*
  • Higher Brightness (No Bleaching)*
  • Thinner (43 gsm) Better Yield*
  • Achieves 836 PPI Standard Requirement
  • Requires Lower Drying Profile*
  • (due to improved coating technology)
  • Easier Print and Post Production*
  • Less stress on sheet*
  • (no need for remoisturizing)
  • Better Registration*
  • No offsetting
  • Compatible with both Dye & Pigment Ink

*compared to competitive papers

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