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Gain an Edge on the Competition with SWORD iJET™

SWORD iJET® is a premium inkjet coated paper that sets a new standard for gloss, satin and dull matte stock in the high speed inkjet market. SWORD iJET® 5 is our high gloss sheet designed to match the look and feel of offset paper. With unparalleled ink absorption and drytime, SWORD iJET® allows printers using dye or pigment ink to run at maximum production speed while using less ink without cockling, offsetting or bleeding.

Features and Benefits

  • Premium Inkjet Coated Paper
  • Revolutionary New Coating Technology
  • Premium Gloss, Satin and Dull Matte Finish
  • Improved Print Performance
  • Improved Color Matching
  • Increased Print Speed
  • Fast Drying
  • Meets Postal Regulation for 7 pt. Card Stock
  • Compatible with Most Pigment & Dye Inks
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SWORD iJET® 5.5 High Gloss 90
SWORD iJET® 5.5 High Gloss 118
SWORD iJET® 5.5 High Gloss 128
SWORD iJET® 5.5 High Gloss 214
SWORD iJET® 5.5 High Gloss 250

SWORD iJET® 4.3 Gloss 90
SWORD iJET® 4.3 Gloss 105
SWORD iJET® 4.3 Gloss 118
SWORD iJET® 4.3 Gloss 128
SWORD iJET® 4.3 Gloss 157
SWORD iJET® 4.3 Gloss 198
SWORD iJET® 4.3 Gloss 249

SWORD iJET® 4.3 Matte 90
SWORD iJET® 4.3 Matte 105
SWORD iJET® 4.3 Matte 128
SWORD iJET® 4.3 Matte 157
SWORD iJET® 4.3 Matte 179
SWORD iJET® 4.3 Matte 224