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Smart Tools v.4.5

When it comes to prepress production, you can never be too smart or too fast.

That’s why Mitsubishi Imaging brings you SDP Smart Tools - workflow software that integrates and automates prepress tasks to cut down on mistakes, save time and reduce costs.

Smart Tools cover functions such as remote monitoring, workflow management, PDF creation, preflight, imposition, trapping and enhanced file viewing. With SDP Smart Tools, what once took several workstations, operators and hours to do can now be handled by one operator from any workstation, in less time, with fewer mistakes. This latest version puts more control into the hands of the operator and offers greater ease-of-use and flexibility, especially when it comes to managing the RIP.

Smart Tools transforms the Harlequin RIP into a workflow solution by adding:
  • PDF Creation: Generates PDF during file processing
  • Integrated Preflight: Utilizes Pitstop Preflight Profiles
  • Error Reporting: Creates a Detailed Report
  • Auto Correction: Correct common File Errors
New system enhancements include
  • User controllable job management and ticketing capabilities
  • Inclusion of multiple Action Lists during Preflight
  • Capability to edit PDF Preflight Profiles in the server
  • File grouping support for TIFFs
  • ROOM proofing support
  • Output device control & feedback at operator workstations
  • Improved diagnostic support
Smart Tools v4.5 new optional features expand the capability and automation of the workflow.
  • Ink Remapping: re-assigns inks to specific plates, ensuring correct output
  • Imposition Integrator: streamlines submission of imposed files, placing them alongside the original PDF master
  • Scriptable Hot Folders: gives your prepress operator the capability of routing incoming files to correct workflow

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