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Pictorico — Photograde

High definition images with wide color range. Pictorico’s photographic inkjet media, featuring patented ceramic crystal coating technology, is unsurpassed in its ability to accurately render minute detail with the widest possible range of colors. Pictorico’s wide selection of ultra-high-quality inkjet media plays a crucial role in the creation of new and exciting digital artwork.

PRO Opalescent Photo Paper

The new Pictorico PRO Opalescent Photo Paper is an extraordinarily high-gloss inkjet paper with a unique metallic surface finish. This unique finish makes it well suited for professional photo reproduction, commercial photography, and any application that requires stunning image quality. This is the first of its kind, an inkjet paper just like professional silver halide metallic photo papers. Pictorico’s patented and unique ceramic coating technology gives this metallic paper greater ink absorption which renders superior image reproduction. Colors are more brilliant and stunning, turning even ordinary prints into sought-after works of art.

Pro Hi-Gloss Photo Paper

Pictorico's finest photo paper, Pro Hi-Gloss Photo Paper, combines the new patented crystal coating with a high brightness base RC paper to deliver high gloss prints of stunning color, brilliance and detailed clarity. Enjoy rich blacks with uniform gloss unaffected by ink coverage. Benefits and improvements include higher color density and improved bronzing with dye-based inks; thicker base material for improved handling; whiter base paper and better color tone.

Hi-Gloss Photo Paper

This glossy paper prevents cockling due to its RC base. Quick drying, excellent image sharpness and highly uniform surface gloss.

Pictorico PRO Photo Canvas

Pictorico PRO Photo Canvas has a beautiful, woven coating that simulates canvas yet produces sharp, rich images. It adds texture and dimension to fine art prints, making it ideally suited for professional photographers and artists. It gives fine art professionals a whole new way to express their digital works. PRO Photo Canvas' patented and unique ceramic coating dries instantly and features high ink absorption.

Dual Sided Photo Paper

Print beautiful photos front and back. Double the impact of your image output by trying our new Premium Dual Sided Photo Paper. Printable on both sides, this lustrous sheet will give you the color snap and level of detail you've grown to expect from Pictorico. Inks dry immediately on contact, so you won't have to wait to print on the reverse side. Perfect for creating direct mail, brochures, and other marketing literature.

Premium Luster Photo Paper

Pictorico Ultra Premium Luster Photo paper is a high-grade resin coated (RC) inkjet media that ensures photographic output of outstanding quality. The heavyweight substrate and brilliant luster finish emulate the look and feel of traditional RC photo paper. Ultra Premium Luster Photo Paper perfectly complements today’s high resolution inkjet printers to deliver deep blacks, vibrant colors, and astonishing definition.