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Pictorico — White Film

Pictorico White Films combine a patented ceramic crystal coating technology with a high brightness base film to deliver high gloss prints of stunning color brilliance, detail and clarity. This technology delivers rich blacks with uniform gloss unaffected by ink coverage. Pictorico White Films are compatible with both dye and pigment inks.

PPF150 Pro Hi-Gloss White Film

Pictorico Pro Hi-Gloss White Film is the latest addition to the Pictorico PRO series of professional products. We've made the medium a lot of our customers have asked for, a film with high gloss, satin smoothness, and substantial, display quality thickness and weight. Our Pro Hi-Gloss White Film is the best choice for any application where output quality is of paramount importance. Pro Hi-Gloss White Film has all the qualities that make Pictorico products distinctive: exceptional quick-drying clarity and water resistance, and brilliant reception and rendering of the full spectrum of colors. Pro Hi-Gloss White Film goes even further. The film substrate provides a luminous gloss even in areas of the image where there is heavy ink coverage. In addition to its gloss, a high brightness level ensures that your colors will jump off the page.

PGF100 Hi-Gloss White Film

Quick-drying and highly water resistant, just like all Pictorico inkjet media, this white film features an extremely durable, tear-proof base that makes it nearly indestructible. Easily achieve excellent image sharpness and uniform surface gloss. Compatible with both dye and pigment inks.